We believe thriving individuals, organizations, and societies have a moral center. Recognizing that we cannot influence what we do not practice, we aspire to model the values we seek in our partners.  

Our organization exists to catalyze outsized social impact in building and broadening prosperity.

We achieve this by investing in organizations that share our purpose and values, and by using our influence to help shape the culture and practices of the social investment industry.

Humility and Servant-Heartedness
Humility is the heart of learning and serving others.

We value wisdom and receptiveness to growth over intellect and achievement.  We believe that humble people are teachable learners and are more capable of selflessly serving others.  We nurture servant-heartedness and seek to share this core value with those we serve and work alongside.

Excellence is a life-long discipline; successful organizations understand this and make it a daily responsibility.

We believe excellence is a part of the journey, not a destination. We are constantly seeking to improve the way we do things through Rapid Incremental Innovation and other programs.

Integrity is non-negotiable, and the bedrock on which strong individuals, communities, and organizations stand.

Integrity means choosing right over the convenient.  It involves telling the truth, putting principles before profits and taking the noble path, not the easy path.  At the Chandler Foundation, we value ethics and good governance, and we expect the same of our partners.

Effective social change philanthropy requires imagination and innovation.

We nurture creativity to spark innovation in our own work and seek a like-minded approach in our partners. We think outside the box and also do not mind taking a respectful, contrarian view because this frequently allows for rapid incremental improvement, and, ultimately, greater social impact.

We engage in honest self-reflection and confront brutal facts.

We strive to live up to our values and stay focused on our mission – building prosperous societies flourishing with everyone’s creativity.  Results matter and we cannot make progress without truth and transparency.