We invest in trusted social-purpose organizations building the enabling conditions for sustainable and shared prosperity in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Our Partners

Chandler Institute of Governance

In 2019, the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) was launched to resource and build government capacity through its training programs, research initiatives, advisory work, and resources. As an international nonprofit, CIG focuses on enhancing public service leaders’ capabilities to take up the mantle of public leadership, succeed as policymakers, and to serve their citizens better.

J-PAL South Asia

The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab South Asia (J-PAL SA) collaborates with state governments in India to help them adopt new, evidence-informed approaches to policymaking. That India’s 29 states share similar governance structures means a policy or program evaluated in one state has the potential to be scaled nationwide.


Since its founding, Landesa has partnered with governments, communities and other stakeholders in more than 50 countries to advance pro-poor, gender-sensitive land rights reforms using law and policy tools. These reforms have helped catalyze prosperity, reduce hunger, and ease conflict over land for more than 180 million families.

Living Goods

Living Goods supports ministries of health and their networks of “tech-enabled” community health workers who go door-to-door providing healthcare and selling products and medicines to treat malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. Combining best practices from business and public health, Living Goods is reducing child mortality by more than 25% – at a yearly net cost of less than US$ 2 per person reached.

Open Contracting Partnership

Public contracting is the largest marketplace in the world. Governments spend around US$ 9.5 trillion a year on contracts with private companies – investments which are vital to deliver services to people, to good government, and to global economic development. OCP shifts government contracting from closed documents and paper-based processes to digital services that are smart, fair, efficient and ‘open-by-design.’

Open Government Partnership

Open Government Partnership (OGP) works to transform how government serves its people. Coalescing reformers both inside and outside of government, OGP promotes accountable, responsive, and inclusive governance. National and sub-national governments representing more than two billion people, across 79 countries, are OGP members, along with dozens of non-governmental groups.

Proximity Designs

Proximity Designs operates in Myanmar, a country where 70 percent of the population relies upon land for their livelihoods. Since 2004, the organization has helped design and deliver affordable products and services to almost 700,000 rural families – and by doing so, its customers have seen an average annual income increase of 30 percent.