Collaborative Philanthropy

In 2017, Richard Chandler joined Bill & Melinda Gates, Jeff Skoll, and the Rockefeller Foundation as a founding partner of Co-Impact.  In the years since its founding, new core partners have joined, including Rohini and Nandan Nilekani, the ELMA Foundation, and MacKenzie Scott.

A new model of collaborative philanthropy that brings together some of the most experienced foundations and philanthropists, Co-Impact focuses on systems change by combining ideas, insights, and relational networks.

The group seeks to raise and invest US$ 500 million in tackling the structural causes of poverty, disease, and conflict—rather than the symptoms of broken systems.  Together with its program partners, Co-Impact is on a path to transform the lives of tens of millions of people around the world.

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Looking ahead to the next decade, we believe it will be much more common for funders to collaborate in supporting opportunities to drive large-scale lasting change.

Olivia Leland

Olivia Leland

Founder and CEO

4 Million People

Only 51 Doctors

A long, brutal civil war left Liberia with a severe shortage of doctors – a situation especially dire for the millions of Liberians living in remote, rural communities.

This video tells the story of how Co-Impact, working in partnership with Last Mile Health, the Liberia Ministry of Health and coalition partners, aims to scale and sustain a public health program that will provide access to primary healthcare services to 1.2 million people over five years. It looks to reduce child deaths by 20% and serve as a model for other countries with similar challenges.

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