Catalyzing prosperity and building opportunity for all.

Our mission is to help build strong and healthy nations that provide all people the opportunity to unleash their creative and entrepreneurial potential. It’s a mission that inspires our work and informs how we approach it.

We look to bring that mission to life in two ways:

Social Investments

We provide grant capital to social-purpose organizations building the conditions for broad-based prosperity, with a particular focus on:

  • Transparency, accountability and anti-Corruption
  • Evidence informed policy-making
  • Land governance
  • Business climate
  • Digital identity
Partnerships & Collaboration

We partner with investors and social-purpose organizations to help build a movement for higher-impact philanthropy and social investment.

The great challenge of our time is ensuring that the door of opportunity is open for every person on the planet, regardless of where they are born. We believe collaboration is central to overcoming that challenge. Social-purpose organizations, working in partnership with government and supported by thoughtful social investors, can help nations become well-governed, marketplaces become vibrant and fair, and local communities flourish.