The Chandler Foundation builds healthy communities,
vibrant marketplaces, and strong nations.

The Chandler Foundation is a philanthropic organization based in the United States. We have more than 20 years of experience in granting,
social entrepreneurship, and program management in different countries around the world. We believe creative societies are prosperous societies.
Our dream is to see a world flourishing with everyone’s creativity.

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Latest Publications

“Social Investor” Magazine Launched

Social Investor challenges conventional thinking and explores how capital can be used more effectively to sow the seeds of lasting social change. For our inaugural issue, the Chandler Foundation has invited leaders of the social investment industry to share their insights on the profound shift underway across the philanthropic landscape, as more individuals and organisations embrace impact investing, big bets, and collaborative philanthropy.

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Foundations Make Grants as if They’re Wall Street Day Traders

Read our CEO Tim Hanstad’s latest article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Systems change can take a decade or longer. So why do foundations keep making short-term grants?

Reprinted with permission of the Chronicle of Philanthropy

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We Believe
Creative Societies
are Prosperous Societies

Our Dream is a World Flourishing with Everyone’s Creativity

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What’s New: “We Stand with the Sector”

An Expression of Solidarity in these Unprecedented Times from the Chandler Foundation.

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Foundation Updates

Chandler Institute of Governance Launched

Chandler Foundation's sister organisation Chandler Institute of Governance focuses on enhancing public service leaders' capacities to take up the mantle of public leadership,
succeed as policymakers, and to serve their citizens better.

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