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Through patient, long-term, system-changing collaborations with trusted partners, we help build shared prosperity that works for everyone.

Because in a world where talent and creativity are unleashed,
the impossible is possible.

Through patient, long-term, system-changing investments in trusted partners, we can help build thriving economies that work for everyone.

Because in a world where talent and creativity are unleashed, the impossible is possible.

The Chandler Foundation champions shared prosperity in three ways.

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Sustainable Change

The Power of Partnerships

The Chandler Foundation collaborates with governments, civil society, the private sector, and international institutions to create high-trust societies where people can thrive.

We engage in different types of partnerships. While each differs in detail, all are united in the belief that when we work together, we achieve exponentially more than when we each work alone.

Our Partners Include

Our Partners Include

Social Investor 2022

Our Latest Edition

Social Investor magazine 2022

Featuring insights from a range of voices – founders of social-purpose organizations to philanthropists, academics to business leaders, NGOs and public servants – Social Investor looks at the challenge of solving the world's big problems. It shares stories and lessons, challenges conventional wisdom, and imagines the possibilities unleashed by collaboration.

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Social Investor magazine 2022


Chandler Papers

The Chandler Papers have been written by the members of The Chandler Sessions on Integrity and Corruption, at the University of Oxford to focus on issues of corruption worldwide. The Papers analyse current practices employed to root out corruption, the tools available to penalise wrongdoers and the indicators used to measure corruption. Each Chandler Paper will set out strategies for managing the challenges to force corruption out of societies, and introduce a collaborative approach to build integrity and trust in institutions.