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We believe ideas and stories sow seeds of change. We collect both from a range of voices – Nobel Prize winners to fellow social investors – and also share lessons from our own journey.

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Featuring insights from a range of voices – social-purpose leaders to philanthropists, academics to business leaders, NGOs and civil servants – Social Investor looks at the challenge of social impact. It shares stories and lessons, challenges conventional wisdom, and imagines the possibilities unleashed by collaboration.


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Developed in consultation with Co-Impact’s existing partners and peers, the Co-Impact Handbook outlines the collaborative’s values, its theory of change, and how it works with systems change leaders and funders to support large-scale initiatives across the Global South.

It serves both as a detailed guide for current and prospective program partners (systems change leaders and organizations to whom Co-Impact makes grants) and as an explanation of how Co-Impact’s model fits into the broader philanthropic sector.

The Handbook provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in funding systems change efforts.

Systems Change

Systems Change Philanthropy
January 2021

Systems Change PhilanthropyDOWNLOAD AND READ

The global pandemic has exposed weakness in systems that serve the public and set back prospects for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Solving the world’s biggest and most complex problems requires funding that goes beyond addressing symptoms and instead tackles root causes. Philanthropists and social investors need to provide funding in a manner that best supports systems change.

To help inform this work, we offer this draft ‘living document’ that works to list the actors, initiatives, and informational resources at the intersection of systems change and philanthropy.


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