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Supporting good governance and helping to build strong nations.

In 2019, the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) was launched to resource and build government capacity through its training programs, research initiatives, advisory work, and resources. As an international nonprofit, CIG focuses on enhancing civil service leaders’ capabilities to take up the mantle of public leadership, succeed as policymakers, and to serve their citizens better.

Operating at the Pinnacle of the Chandler Prosperity Model

The Chandler Foundation and CIG are sister organizations.  And, as such we share the belief that national prosperity is deeply rooted in good governance, sound policies, and a world-class public service.  Historically, trillions of dollars of aid and charity have gone to build strong community foundations, the base of the “Chandler Prosperity Model”.  While, important, CIG places its emphasis on helping governments build trust and strengthen systems.

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We believe in a world where citizens have a deep sense of trust in their governments and public institutions, and where nations are governed by principled, wise leaders supported by an effective civil service. Trust and effective governance serve as a strong foundation for national development and prosperity.

Wu Wei Neng

Wu Wei Neng

Executive Director

Building Trusted Partnerships

CIG partnerships are wide-ranging and include examples such as: a project with Invest Punjab to support and promote investment there; a partnership between the National Academy of Public Administration and CIG to enhance training quality and leadership development in Vietnam; as well as long-term partnership with the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, among others.

Chandler Foundation and CIG work closely to network, ideate and create partnerships, as we share common values.