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Open Government Partnership (OGP) works to transform how government serves its people. Coalescing reformers both inside and outside of government, OGP promotes accountable, responsive, and inclusive governance. National and sub-national governments representing more than two billion people, across 79 countries, are OGP members, along with dozens of non-governmental groups.

Now, with the help of the Chandler Foundation, OGP will deepen its engagement with the business sector. While governments and civil society have been active participants in the development of OGP action plans, our investment will focus on bringing business stakeholders into the process by:


Fostering cooperation among business leaders, government, and civil society groups in support of national reforms.


Documenting and sharing lessons and success stories on the importance and power of cross-sector collaboration in pursuit of these reforms.


Convening and galvanizing global leaders around anti-corruption efforts, particularly beneficial ownership and open contracting.

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The idea is at once simple and spectacular – that citizens should shape policies and decisions that impact their lives. Because the task is too important and too big to be limited to only a few people or only once in four years when we cast our precious vote.

Sanjay Pradham

Sanjay Pradham




Through CitizENGAGE, OGP shines a spotlight on the people inside and outside of government joining together to raise their voices, promote opportunity and create lasting change. These stories range from efforts to promote inclusive, open contracting in Kenya to those improving local education in Mongolia. Sharing stories from across six continents, CitizENGAGE informs as it inspires, and showcases the power of meaningful collaboration.

“Around the world, OGP connects citizens to governments, so democracies thrive and societies flourish.”   

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