What if instead of trying to fix the intractable problem of poverty, we instead focused on building and broadening prosperity for all? What if instead of addressing symptoms caused by ineffective governments and dysfunctional markets, we focused more attention on improving governance and building vibrant and fair marketplaces? Governments and markets – not philanthropy – play the most important roles in determining whether and how the world addresses our current challenges. We believe philanthropy would be more impactful if more of it was directed at improving governance and marketplace systems and structures.

A New Paradigm

We are advocating for a new paradigm: A top-down approach coupled with a bottom-up view that tackles good governance, smart policies, and improvements to the dynamics of marketplace structures. Only by addressing these enabling conditions, can we help create an environment in which basic healthcare, basic education, and economic opportunity reach all.

Transformational Growth Demands New Ways of Thinking

The untapped potential of humankind animates and inspires everything we do. It is the basis of the Chandler Prosperity Model, a holistic framework for social-purpose organizations, governments, businesses, and philanthropists to close the gap by promoting good governance, advancing the structural conditions that allow for job-creating entrepreneurs and businesses to flourish, as well as health, education, and economic opportunity for all.

Finding More Impactful Ways to Direct Resources is Imperative

We believe that by mobilizing an ever-widening movement to help build the conditions for a greater and shared prosperity, we can help transform communities, build vibrant marketplaces, and develop strong nations.

Enabling Prosperity

A Total Game Approach

The Chandler Prosperity Model provides a framework that bridges philanthropy, civil society, business, and government to achieve a more holistic understanding of building and broadening prosperity. It calls for considering all the different “pieces” of the prosperity puzzle and then making social investments with an understanding of their interconnected nature. The model helps us recognize that solutions must be both top-down (unleashing the Trust Waterfall) and bottom-up (helping individuals climb the Social Mobility Ladder).

The Chandler Prosperity Model

The Chandler Prosperity Model encourages a more holistic mindset and reveals that execution involves collaboration across, between, and among the political, economic, and social communities. It suggests we should be wary of thinking in silos and acting in isolation if we wish to create systemic and sustainable change. The model reminds us of the limits of aid and charity targeted at the symptoms of a problem – and suggests the power of collaborative, cross-sector, and systemic approaches in building a more prosperous world.

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Investing in


Effective partnerships require shared purpose and shared values
We value and respect our network of trusted peer funders and carefully selected program partners. We seek potential investees through our network of advisors rather than through unsolicited proposals.
We conduct significant due diligence before making investments. These partnerships are anchored in trust – we do not micro-manage or create onerous reporting requirements.
We invest holistically to promote good government, vibrant and fair marketplaces, and flourishing communities.