Applying Investment Principles to Philanthropy

At the Chandler Foundation, we believe that successful investment principles in the financial marketplace also creates multiplication in the philanthropic marketplace. Our strategy draws from our heritage and deep experience in the investment industry. Instead of delivering exponential financial returns, our investments enable our champions to create transformation at scale in communities around the world.

A Champion-Driven Investment Philosophy

We invest in proven leaders who build strong communities and unlock the creative potential of people. We call these people champions. Our simple big idea to build a more prosperous world is identifying first the “who” and then the “what” that will bring transformation. Our approach is based on the belief that better people, rather than better methods, are the most powerful catalysts of breakthrough.

Investing in Relationships

We value and respect our network of trusted peer funders and carefully selected champions. We seek potential grantees through our network of trusted advisors rather than through unsolicited proposals. Once we invest in our champions, they have our trust and confidence to deliver results without micro-management or onerous reporting requirements.

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