Our Heritage

Richard F. Chandler established the Chandler Foundation in 2013. The Founder and Chairman of the Clermont Group, an international business group, Richard created the Chandler Foundation after nearly two decades of experience in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. The Chandler Foundation is the culmination of Richard’s philanthropic journey and is a manifestation of his calling as an investor in the philanthropic marketplace.

Timeline: Seasons and Milestones

Sir John Templeton

Richard and Christopher Chandler met with Sir John Templeton to learn from his experiences in philanthrophy.


Geneva Global

The world’s first “philanthropic investment bank” was founded by Richard and Christopher Chandler in Philadelphia. With a staff of over 100 people, Geneva Global focused on measurement analysis and process.


Creative World

Creative World owned and operated healthcare and education enterprises serving the aspiring middle class.


Rumi Education

Rumi improved education standards in low-income urban communities through curriculum development, teacher training and operational excellence.

Newton International

Newton International’s vision was to close the gap between the school system and the job market.

Viva Healthcare

Viva Healthcare operated healthcare facilities in seven countries: Kenya, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Freedom to Create

Freedom to Create was established to address social justice issues to unlock the creative potential in countries facing repression, intolerance, and conflict.


Chandler Foundation

The Chandler Foundation was established to build healthy communities, vibrant marketplaces, and strong nations.


Collaborating for Systems Change

Richard Chandler joined global philanthropic collaborative Co-Impact, which will collectively invest US$ 500m to tackle the structural causes of poverty.


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