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Equal parts Vanity Fair and Foreign Affairs, Social Investor features insights from social investors, social entrepreneurs, and leaders of social purpose organization, heads of states and business leaders, academics and the media. It shares stories and lessons, challenges conventional wisdom, and imagines the possibilities unleashed by collaboration.

Beyond Aid
Staci Warden, explains how social investors can help countries bankroll their own growth and development.
Work for Good
Putting Business
to Work for Good
The B Corp movement inspires businesses to think beyond profits.
Lessons of History
of History
What philanthropists can learn from the Mexican Boll Weevil crisis of 1903. 
Land Rights Africa
The Role of Land Rights in Africa
Dr. Monica Magoke-Mhoja, of Landesa, on the path forward.
The Golden Age
Philanthropy 2.0:
The Golden Age
Matthew Bishop challenges social investors to take their giving to the next level.
A New Generation Rises
A New Generation Rises
Yawa Hansen-Quao, believes that a new generation of well-trained civil servants is the key to improving Africa’s governance.
Sister Act
In this interview, singer and actor Holly Valance explains why she is an avid supporter of Disability Rights International.
Harish & Bina Shah Foundation
in Diversity
The Harish & Bina Shah Foundation maintains a diversified portfolio and has supported a myriad of causes from public health to governance matters.

Dr. Lui Che-woo
& Harmony
Dr. Lui Che-woo’s approach to giving.
Asian Landmarks
The Secret Sauce
of Asian Philanthropy
Naina Subberwal Batra’s insights into social investing in the region.
Tanoto Foundation
The Power
of Education
Sukanto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto's life-long commitment to the educational cause.
Gavin Hayman
Combating Corruption
Gavin Hayman explains why transparency is corruption’s biggest enemy.
Demonstrators call for real democracy in Spain, 2019.
The World Justice Project
It takes a multi-stakeholder approach
to improve trust and access to rule of law.
Changing the Conversation
the Conversation
Award-winning writer Tina Rosenberg explores the role that good journalism plays in helping to build societal trust.
Teaching graphic
Unlikely Teachers
Co-Impact’s Rakesh Rajani shares lessons from Shakespeare, a leader, and a winning coalition.
The Candle Problem
The Role of Values in Philanthropic Partnerships
Olivia Leland: global collaboratives need to be anchored by core values.
Geena Davis
If She Can See It, She Can Be It
Actor Geena Davis fights for on-screen
gender parity.
Polar bear
Climate Philanthropy Matters
How to invest in saving the environment.
The Trust Factor
The Trust Factor
Kristin M. Lord believes that trust is the basis of all effective philanthropic relationships.
Children at school
Equity is
In conversation with Blue Meridian Partners’ Nancy Roob and Jim Shelton.
Tim Hanstad
From Band-Aids to Blueprints
Tim Hanstad writes about the value of partnerships and a systems mindset in building broad-based prosperity and well-being.
Founders of
Hollywood & Hometown Heroes
Matt Damon and Gary White recount the story of
Gary White during a site visit in India in 2013.
Water and Lessons from COVID-19
Gary White, Co-founder, writes the pandemic has made clear that water is “PPE”.
Children enjoying water from a WaterCredit-funded water connection, where an old handpump was upgraded to a mechanical pump, Philippines, 2016.
Waves’s President Jennifer Schorsch on how the organization is making waves.
Practical Economics
An exclusive Q&A with Abhijit Banerjee & Esther Duflo, winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize for Economics alongside Michael Kremer.
Iqbal Dhaliwal
Iqbal Dhaliwal on the value
of government partnerships.
Peruvian Girl with Loom
The Exemplar
Gates Ventures’ Managing Director Niranjan Bose on global health progress and how to scale it.
Liberia’s former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Liberia’s former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf champions female leaders.